Troubleshooting of IPC fails to boot

Step 1. Search camera IP by CyberView Tools

Connect the IPC directly to the laptop or desktop with an Ethernet cable. And use the Linux command to ping the IP address of the camera.

Check if it is reachable. If you do not know the camera IP. Please download CyberView Tool from our official website and use  CyberView Tool to search for the camera IP.

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  1. If the IP of the camera is reachable, then please try factory default or upgrade the IPC.

Note: Please contact technical support for obtaining the latest firmware or further assistance.

  1. Sometimes the IP cannot be found by Eztools even when the PC can recognize the local connection, then Wireshark, a packet capture tool, is required for searching for IP addresses. Please refer to FAQ for how to capture the camera IP by Wireshark.

If the IP address is correct and the destination is still unreachable or unable to find IP, please follow step 2.


Step 2. IR light status

Please check the IR light and see if it is blinking or Solid. IR lights keep flashing means the camera is starting up and usually the camera will be activated after 3 times flashing.

If the IR lights keep flashing, steady on, or no responses that mean failed to start.


Step 3. Interchange test

Please try to change the power adaptor and network cable. If none of these 3 solutions works, then please contact Gyration Technical support for further troubleshooting

How to stream the camera live view via RTSP?

Use VLC to stream camera live view via RTSP URL
Main stream                     rtsp://Camera IP address/media/video1
Sub stream                      rtsp://camera IP address/media/video2
Third stream                    rtsp://camera IP address/media/video3

How to change the login password of admin user?

Log into the web interface of the camera, go to 【Setup】>【Security】>【User】, click on and select admin user (the admin user row will turn gray when selecting), click on ‘Edit’. Then a new window will pop up and you can input the old and new password, then click on ‘OK’.

How to bind camera to preview windows?

Each preview window (window for short) links to a camera. By default, window 1 links to camera D1, window 2 links to camera D2, and so on. You may want to change the link to display live video from a camera in another specified window.

Step 1. Select the correct video output first, it’s the port that your monitor is connected to.

Step 2. Set preview windows, which refers to the multiple windows layout displayed on monitor live view.

Step 3. Click window 1 on the right, and then click D1 under Camera on the left. Now D1 appears in window 1. Click Apply to save the settings

How to install plugin

A. Internet Explorer (9.0 or later version) is recommended for logging into Gyration products.

B. Plugin installation is required. When logging in for the first time or after the firmware upgrade, it will prompt a message saying that please install the latest plugin, as shown in the picture below.

In this case, please click on the Download link in the message and download the plugin file to the desktop, close all browsers and then install the plugin.

Note: There’s no plugin designed for Edge, Chrome, or safari.