Why Dripify Is The Best Sales Automation Tool

LinkedIn is the perfect place to be if you are a professional in a particular industry or a brand trying to build your online presence.

There are plenty of opportunities floating around this social media, but in order to grab any of them, you must work on them. However, just your presence on LinkedIn won't do any good for you. 

This is where the LinkedIn automation tool comes in!

Dripify is the advanced sales automation software for Email and LinkedIn that allows you to build connections, generate leads, and nurture them further. Whether you want to automate your LinkedIn messages or create a customized sales funnel, Dripify is the perfect tool that can help you achieve all your automation goals. 

If you are a B2B marketer, you will definitely hit a lottery once you optimize this software. Why are we in so much favor of this autopilot for LinkedIn? Keep reading this Dripify review, and all our statements will automatically get justified. 

Dripify: Key Features

Dripify conveys that they aim to help their clients send out personalized and automated connection requests to your connections that are considered second and third-level. 

They also claim that their company helps you message hundreds of first-level connections in one go. This helps the user save tremendous time, which could be spent on other growth activities. 

One more benefit that Dripify provides its users with is providing them with the ability to automatically endorse up to 7 skills on an individual's profile with whom you have already established a connection. 

Dripify is dedicated to helping you expand your list of connections automatically, which is one of the best approaches an automation tool can offer. 

The key features this LinkedIn automation tool includes are: 

  • Automated and customized messages
  • Advanced analytics
  • Transfer of contact information from LinkedIn
  • Helpful user interface
  • The ability to link campaigns
  • Easy to download contact information
  • Trial for free
  • Automated connection requests
  • Skill endorsements that are automated
  • Automated profile prospecting
  • LinkedIn sales funnels that can be customized

The all-in-one software Dripify will help you expand your presence on any LinkedIn platform. It can be used to generate leads, create connections, and strengthen your rapport with current customers. It’s a great tool for you to make a consistent presence online. Plus, with its right use, you can convert your connections into potential buyers. 

Who is Dripify Designed For?

As we already mentioned, Dripify LinkedIn automation is a perfect tool for B2B marketers. Whether the aim is to recruit people to expand your workforce, reach out to more people to grow connections, or want to drive more sales for your business. However, the usage of this tool is not at all restricted to be used only by marketers. Other professionals, like Business owners, recruiters, sales personnel, and marketing agents, also utilize this tool for the growth of the profile they are working on. 

The reason why Dripify is so popular among all these professions is its simple and streamlined UI. 

This tool is also super-efficient, i.e., your tasks are automated effortlessly, which can save you hours of your time, which could be utilized to perform other development activities.

One feature that makes this software solution so vulnerable is its excellent and supportive customer support team. Their customer executives are always ready to provide you guidance that you require in order to start using this tool effectively. 

How to Create a Lead Generation Campaign in Dripify?

Just like any other social media that is present in the market currently, LinkedIn does a fair share of competition on the platform. If you have recently joined LinkedIn, you should know how to make a lead generation campaign.

There are various formats in which lead generation campaigns can be created with Dripify LinkedIn lead generation tool, These formats include:

  • Single image ad
  • Message ad
  • Conversation ad
  • Video ad
  • Document ad
  • Carousel ad

Before creating your campaign, you must decide which format is most suitable for your goals. In order to choose the right one, you are required to be aware of all things these formats have to offer:

Single image ads: These are a form of sponsored ads that contain content that appears in the feed of LinkedIn users. These are sponsored ads to serve a specific audience beyond your connections and followers. 

Message ad: With the help of these ads, you are provided with the ability to engage your prospects through ads displayed through LinkedIn messaging. These ads can include body texts, buttons for call-to-action, custom greetings, etc. They also allow you to attach a link to your message body. 

Conversation ad: These ads help you establish a conversation with your potential prospects via LinkedIn messaging on both mobile and desktop. 

Video ad: Similar to single-image ads, video ads are sponsored ads that make prospecting on LinkedIn easy by displaying content on the feeds containing graphics. The difference is you can attach a video to your post instead of an image. 

Document ad: Again, they are a form of sponsored ads that allows the advertisers to promote directly in the LinkedIn feeds of the user along with a document attached. 

Carousel ad: Under this format, you can attach multiple images to your sponsored content, which is impossible in Single image ad. 

Once you have decided which format you want to go ahead with, start creating your ad campaign by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Create a LinkedIn Ad account.
  2. Select the objective you are creating the ad for
  3. Create an audience you want to target.
  4. Choose the format of your ad.
  5. Set up an ad budget and schedule
  6. Make the selection of bid type
  7. Create the conversion tracking.
  8. After you are done with all the above steps, you can start creating ads. 

The usage of an automation tool can help you optimize ads properly. Tools like Dripify help you create a sales funnel, which clarifies the advertiser's objective and hence provides them with better results. 

Why do you need to use Dripify?

Dripify is considered to be the best LinkedIn automation tool to help you create your outreach strategy. This tool eliminates the hard work required for prospecting, buying you more time to focus on another crucial business element. 

If you are trying to export connections on LinkedIn, scratch out LinkedIn emails from the page, send out connection requests automatically, send follow-ups, automation of sales funnels, this is an ideal tool for you. 

Dripify goes through a ton of profiles in one go and sends out personalized and customized connection requests to the connections that come under 2nd or 3rd degree. It can also possess the ability to endorse your auto-view profiles and endorse skills for the connections, plus many other functions. This is made possible by the tool by automating the entire process. 

If your thought process has been processed that getting desired results on Linkedin is a hectic and time-consuming process, you are not the only one. But, believe us, it is nothing more than a myth. 

This simple and effective tool lets you completely transform your lead generation funnel while simultaneously retaining complete control of your LinkedIn profile.

Unlike other tools, you have the authority to set limits to your work according to your personal preferences and set up your personalized funnel. Let's understand this with an example. Let's assume that your ideal funnel is; send a connection request- once accepted, endorse the skills- send follow-up- follow up again if there is no response. This tool can easily adjust according to your business needs. 

The Dripify pricing has been fixed in such a manner that it is appropriate not just for large but also affordable for micro firms and startups.

In order to manage LinkedIn prospecting, you are provided with the facility to export LinkedIn's first connection within the software and other processes. 

Also, you are provided with A/B testing of campaigns to compare and come to a conclusion on which works best for you. The campaigns could be analyzed for response rate, acceptance rate, and more. 


We hope this Dripify review was able to provide you with all the answers you were looking for. There's no better strategy to generate leads on LinkedIn than outreach. Connecting with others is the base strategy to grow in any other social media, and although being professional, even this platform is part of it. 

In order to avoid crazy amounts of time to create such outreach strategies, it's a good idea to automate the LinkedIn processes through automation tools.

Dripify does not require any justification for its claim. Thousands of positive reviews present on the internet speak loud and clear about how useful this platform is.

Dripify is probably the best option that can provide you with the necessary help at every stage of the lead generation funnel. Tons of benefits offered by the tool help you reach your goals quicker and more effectively. 

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