Electronics may be cheaper to replace than to repair but if we want to make the world more eco-friendly we need rethink.

These days we quickly notice if our computer keyboard or mice is suddenly not working and if the smartphone charger refuses to do its' job, then you might feel you are about to lose it. Would you pay the same attention to other electronics? Do you read the instructions as carefully you read everything there is to know about your new smartphone? 

Would you even notice if the power grid is not working as well as it should be working? Did you ever read the safety inspections for repairing such a grid? Do you have any kind of experience working with tools for electrical grid maintenance? I'm guessing the answer to all of these questions is NO. But there are actually a lot of things that could go wrong with an electrical safety system and there is no excuse for not understanding at least the basics. A short-circuit could cause a number of problems, including the inability to rely on your home alarm system in case someone tries to break into your home. It is therefore imperative to maintain your systems running fine at all times and at all costs.

Repair and Replace

As the prices of electrical products have gone down fewer people today try to fix their TV, washing machine or electrical toothbrush when not working. Compared to the costs of repairing, it's often much cheaper to buy a new one. A broken PC gadget is usually not worth fixing but at Adesso we try to be responsible and fix what can be fixed even if replacing it with a new product would be a lot cheaper in most cases. But there are a few areas in which it's still worth it to repair your electrical product instead of getting a new one. Before anything, there are a few things one should be aware of:

*Circuit breakers are capable of blocking power surges from affecting the energy grin on your property. This is why a broken grid means dealing with power flashes inside your house. Replacement is necessary, and it is best done by an expert who specializes in fixing electrical safety systems. Burned out fuses should be assessed and replaced by authorized and experienced people.

*Opportunist thieves will take advantage of a home with a broken alarm system. Since most thieves will cut the wires to an alarm to prevent it from going off and waking up the entire neighborhood or alerting the authorities, their job will be half done.

*So make sure your alarm is working at normal parameters at all times. Do this by hiring an expert electrician for residential services. Have your electrical grid checked and repaired as they see suitable. It is also advisable to periodically schedule home alarm inspections done by professional security companies or expert locksmiths.

*Have your door and window locks checked as well, as they are your primary weapon for fighting against potential intruders. If your door has a solid metal or wooden core, and it is topped by a single or double cylinder deadbolt lock, most thieves will be successfully sent away.

*No one wants to risk causing a lot of hassle and making loud noises in an attempt to break a door open. Schedule periodical a home security assessments with a locksmith that specializes in fitting all types of residential locks as it will not only lower your insurance but having a locksmith that is already familiar with your home will make it quicker to get help with any potential cases of accidental lockouts you might deal with in the future.

*Door unlock services are not as pricey as you might think; but they are, at the same time, your last resort. When you do not have a spare key to rely on, and no other safe way of getting into your home without causing any damage to it, an emergency locksmith can turn into your personal savior.

*Research a few companies, ask for references around you and inquire about any special offers and discounts they might give to new customers.

When You Need Help With Your Panels


Replacing or upgrading an electrical panel is another common necessity most homeowners confront with. This panel is usually located at the back or the side of a house. It hosts circuit breakers and the master switch used to turn the electricity off inside the house. A panel that is faulty or obsolete could cause obvious problems. Also, someone tampering with your panel is not a good open either. Have professional locks or padlocks fitted to this panel for further safety.
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