VP6495 Bluetooth Nano Dongle

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The miniature Bluetooth dongle is the world’s smallest Bluetooth dongle designed to transform a PC to Bluetooth Smart Ready® system. Designed with the latest Bluetooth v4.0 LE+EDR (Low Energy plus Enhanced Data Rate) technology, the dongle enhances transmission speed and security, and the Low Energy feature enables the Bluetooth Smart® devices to operate at low power and save energy. In addition, the VP6495 connects and works simultaneously up to 7 Bluetooth devices. The miniature dongle design provides plug-in and leave-in convenience for great usability. The VP6495 Nano Dongle Bluetooth v4.0 LE+EDR is the ultimate upgrade your PC deserves.

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Latest Bluetooth v4.0 LE+EDR Technology for the Ultimate Connectivity

  • The VP6495 Nano Dongle is designed with the latest Bluetooth v4.0 LE+EDR technology which enhances data transmission speed and transmission security, and supports low power consumption Bluetooth Smart® devices.
  • Bluetooth Smart Ready® v4.0 offers wireless data transmission for up to 80 feet of range when connected to a Bluetooth Smart® device, sufficient for most Bluetooth peripherals and devices used in personal networks.
  • The VP6495 Nano Dongle allows wireless connection and simultaneous operation with up to 7 Bluetooth devices.
  • The VP6495 offers the easiest way to upgrade a regular PC to a Bluetooth Smart Ready® system.


The Plug-in-and-Leave-in Size Provides the Utmost Convenience

  • The VP6495 Nano Dongle Bluetooth v4.0 LE+EDR is about the size of a penny and protruding a mere 0.25-inch in length when plugged in to the PC’s USB port.
  • The round-edge design ensures the dongle doesn’t catch on other loose items, i.e. cables or mesh material, in the computer carrying case when traveling.
  • This miniature dongle offers similar convenience as a built-in Bluetooth-enabled system – no more constantly plug and unplug, just leave it in and never misplace your Bluetooth dongle again!


Provides Seamless Connectivity to Communication and Consumer Electronics

  • Bluetooth is the ideal bridge wirelessly connecting communication and consumer electronics to your PC.
  • Bluetooth is the de facto standard for cell phone, smart phone, tablet PC including iPad, and their accessories. More and more consumer electronics and computer accessories, i.e. speakers, headphones, MP3 players, GPS, keyboards, mice, printers, are standardizing on Bluetooth as a way to communicate with the system. The VP6495 provides the perfect solution offering seamless connectivity transferring data between your PC and your gadgets. buy instagram views


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