Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

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The Adesso PPE-200 is a Non-contact infrared forehead thermometer that offer one second body temperature monitoring at the touch of a button. Fast and accurate reading from within 2-3 inches of the forehead. Comes in 2 Modes, Body mode and surface temperature mode. Automatic shutdown to preserve battery life when not in use.

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Non-Contact Infrared Technology
The Adesso Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is equipped with the latest infrared technology and has been clinically tested for accuracy and reliability. You just need to press a button when you using this forehead digital thermometer, then it will provide correct temperature instantly within 1 second.

32 Accurate Reading Groups
With 32 readings memory recall for tracking your temperature changes and auto shut off without operation in 30 seconds. Enjoy Hospital Grade Accuracy at your home, clinic or workplace in confidence due to the thoroughly tested reliable of your health care thermometer. Its shape, choice of colors and it’s amazingly lightweight speaks of artistic genius and first-class design capabilities.

Body Mode & Surface Mode
The thermometer can measure not only various parts of the body (forehead, ears, wrists), but also the temperature of other objects/room/liquids . Just press and hold the mode button to easily switch modes. It is definitely a must-have multifunctional and practical gadget at home!

Celsius & Fahrenheit Reading Mode
You can also easily switch the reading mode between Celsius and Fahrenheit. With it’s clear display and operation buttons make the thermometer easy to read.

Measurement method: Forehead
Measurement distance: 1 to 2 inch (3cm-5cm)
Measuring range: 89.6°F-108.5°F (32°C-42.5°C)
Maximum allowable error: 89.6°F-108.5°F Within range ± 0.36°F, out of range ±0.54°F
Display Resolution: 0.1°C
Operating environment: 10°C-40°C (50°F-104°F) Humidity ≤ 85%
Transportation storage environment: 0°C-50°C (50°F-104°F) Humidity ≤ 85%
Power: DC 3V (2x AAA Batteries)
Battery capacity reminder: Low Battery alert
Backlight: Highlight backlight
Unit of measurement:Celsius (°C) / Fahrenheit (°F)
Memory Group: 32 Groups
Automatic shut-down: 15s
Dimension: 5.9inch x 3inch x 1.69inch(149mm x 77mm x 43mm)
Weight 0.37 lbs (172g)


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