3 Ply Disposable Personal Protective Face Mask, Made In USA (50 Masks/Box)

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Adesso PPE-101-50 disposable face masks are made in the USA that offer substantial protection from a variety of elements such as dust and pollen. They are comfortable to wear and the advanced multi-layered fabric facilitates easy breathing while limiting exposure to potentially harmful toxins.

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Good Filtration Efficiency
Protect against microorganisms from liquid droplets & aerosols, body fluids, cold, flu, coughs, and sneezes.

3 Layered Filter
The Adesso disposable face mask is made from the triple layer of fabrics; the outer layers is a high-quality non-woven fabric and the center layer is a meltblown filter layer.

Soft & Breathable
Comfortable & Fits Most, the face mask is made of non-woven fabric for easy breath ability.

Flexible Ear Loop Design
Adjustable nose strip ensures optimal sealing between the bridge of the nose and the mask . Comfortable elastic ear loop is designed to fit the ear and prevent pressure to the ears.


Type: Non Medical Face Mask

Material: Non-Woven Material, 58% PP, 30% Melt-blown, 12% Spandex

Particle Filter Size: Large Air or Respiratory Particles

Protect Against: Microorganisms from liquid droplets & aerosols, body fluids, cold, flu, coughs, sneezes

Size Fitting: Covers mouth and nose loosely but not sized for individual fit

Fluid Resistant: Yes

Leakage Prevention: Does NOT prevent leakage from edges of mask when user inhales

Reusability: One-time use only Size: 6.79” x 3.75” (17.5cm x 9.5cm) Weight: 0.3 oz (8.5g)


  • Adesso PPE-100-50 disposable face mask with Ear Loop (Pack of 50)
DescriptionDisposable Personal Protective Face Mask (50 Masks/Box)Disposable Personal Protective Face Masks, Made in USA (50 Masks/Box)Disposable Form Fit Face Mask (20 Masks/Box)Disposable Children's Protective Face Mask (50 Masks/Box)
Layers3 Ply3 Ply5 Ply3 Ply
Dimensions6.89 x 3.75"6.79 x 3.74"6.5 x 4.13"5.75 x 3.75"
Packaging Weight0.55lbs0.55lbs0.37lbs0.55lbs
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7.5” x 4.0” x 3.5”

0.3 oz