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iMouse E1 Ergonomic Mouse on NBC’s TODAY show

August 31, 2022

WALNUT, California, USA – Adesso, Inc., Spot the iMouse E1 Ergonomic Mouse on NBC’s TODAY show highlighting the best back-to-school gadgets essentials every family may need. Thomas Germain states, “If you are on the computer all day, odds are you’ve come across the term “ergonomic” a few times. Germain says ergonomic mice like this one are designed to place less stress on your forearms, shoulders and your wrist. Adesso’s model stood out during testing since it places your arm in a handshake position, which the brand says reduces forearm pronation and wrist extension.” Reducing muscle stress and the risk of carpal tunnel, this can be the best solution in K-12 classrooms and days back in the office.

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Click Here to view the full TODAY show segment on 8/31/22.


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