VCC goes for 365 days of cricket!


VCC goes for 365 days of cricket!

VCC goes for 365 days of cricket!

Two weeks ago the contractor started removing the old "nets", meanwhile, all the groundwork has been done to realize the new indoor hall in the coming weeks. After a process that went through all kinds of hurdles (permits, subsidy applications, insurance etc.) what has been dreamed of for some time is now in progress: the construction of new nets where cricket training can take place indoors in winter! In the summer, two of the four sides can be removed so that training can again take place semi-outdoors.

Many members have contributed financially to make this possible and a core team consisting of Victor van Koolwijk and Dorith van der Laan have put in countless hours to get everything done, including the selection of suppliers for the groundwork, the tent, the lighting, and last-but-not-least the surface. It has to be very good to allow for optimal cricket betting websites in Indian Rupees. There will be four nets, the left one (from the clubhouse) is 35 meters long, the other two will be 50 meters long (and can possibly be cut in half, so that e.g., youth training can be done in 5 nets).

The intention is that every VCC team will have its own slot to train this winter, and we will also try to rent out hours so that we can make some money.

Although this is the most eye-catching project on our accommodation, another upgrade is going to take place: five of the seven grass wickets will be converted into hybrid pitches. This will be done by a Dutch company that puts an artificial grass blade into the ground every two centimeters. This will not change the quality of play or the maintenance, but it does mean that we can play on the grass wicket much more often and, of course, that we can play on the grass wicket much more often.

For both projects, Link to projects -, there was and is a lot of cooperation in all kinds of areas with the municipalities of The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg, and VCC is very grateful to both municipalities for that.

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