Pros and cons of casting a spell to cause miscarriage


Pros and cons of casting a spell to cause miscarriage

Spell to cause miscarriage – What to expect


First and foremost, you should expect a failure when you use any of the spells to induce miscarriage. Performing this ritual at home without knowing how our world operates, which energies it’s filled up with, and what invisible creatures surround you is like building a bomb using the ingredients found in the kitchen. It won’t work. Even if it works, you’ll probably hurt yourself without ever achieving the desired result. It’s different when you’re helped by a powerful black magic practitioner who can ensure the woman actually has a miscarriage. However, I, spellcaster Maxim, Spellshelp would like to note that the woman will not only lose the baby but she’ll also suffer multiple adverse health effects and on top of her multiple mental and psychological problems she’ll probably will never be able to have children. Miscarriage rituals are among the most powerful rituals in magic. When you put a miscarriage spell on someone, you doom this person to suffering. But at the same time you doom yourself, too. It’s impossible to put a curse on someone without getting hurt. When a professional spellcaster agrees to cast a spell to cause miscarriage, he’s perfectly aware of it. However, he’s not worried because he knows how to shift responsibility for killing a baby onto another person. So the black magic practitioner performs his ritual and steps aside, letting the client take the hit. The black magic practitioner doesn’t feel guilty for putting the client in danger because when the client orders a spell to make someone suffer, the client automatically agrees to suffer the same amount of pain. Imagine a balance scale with your soul on one side of it. The scale strives for balance. So when you put suffering on a pan on one side where the target’s soul is, expect the same amount of suffering to be put on a pan on the side with your soul. It’s a rule which can’t be changed. So if you want to order a miscarriage spell which will kill the baby that has not yet been born, think if you’re ready to pay a similar price for it. Is the death of that baby worth destroying your own life like this?

Black magic miscarriage spellSpells to cause miscarriage – Are they worth casting?


You put yourself even at bigger risk when you cast a spell to cause miscarriage without hiring a professional spellcaster. Do you remember that I, spellcaster Maxim, asked you to imagine a balance scale with two souls on its pans – your soul and the soul of the woman you hate? When you have a professional magic practitioner put a miscarriage spell on the woman, the same amount of suffering is put on both pans of the scale: - The magic practitioner puts a certain amount of suffering on the pan on the side with the target’s soul; - Higher Powers put the same amount of suffering on the pan on the side with your soul. But when you decide to cast spells to cause miscarriage without using the services of a professional magic practitioner, you fail to make it to the side of the scale with the target’s soul and stop halfway. As a result, the suffering stays with you. You can’t escape it because you have neither skills nor experience to do it. It means you have no choice but to go through that suffering. Moreover, since it was black magic, Higher Powers will also punish you. It doesn’t matter if your spell succeeded or failed. What matters is that you were going to take the life of a baby by causing a miscarriage. It makes you a karmic offender and you won’t be forgiven for it, unless a professional spellcaster interferes. As a result, when you decide to cast this spell by yourself, you get punished twice: - You suffer when your spell fails and comes back to you; - You get punished by Higher Powers which consider you a karmic offender and a murderer.

Spells to induce miscarriage – If you still want to go through with it


If I, spellcaster Maxim, failed to change your mind and you still want to go through with your spells to cause miscarriage, at least do it right and take the following 7 steps to reduce the damage: Step 1. Give yourself 8 days to think about it. Try not to think about revenge and that poor woman who you want to have a miscarriage, for 8 days. On the 9th day think about it and ask yourself if you still want to do it. Usually most people realize it’s a mistake and change their mind. If after 8 days you still want to go through with it, do it. Step 2. Have your fortune told to know how serious your punishment will be and what will happen after your spells to induce miscarriage take effect. Are you ready to accept this punishment? If yes, do it. Step 3. Find a good spellcaster to cast this spell and advise you on the consequences. The search may take you up to a few days. Choose your spellcaster carefully because your life will depend on this person. Step 4. Place your order providing detailed and accurate information about the target. Step 5. Watch the magic cause a miscarriage and the woman lose her baby. Step 6. Prepare to be punished by Higher Powers and to accept their punishment with dignity. You knew it was coming at least because you’d read this article. Step 7. Get used to your new life, the life of a murderer and a karmic offender. What do you think? I, spellcaster Maxim, have outlined these steps for you to know what to expect after you decide to go through with your idea to kill an innocent baby to get your revenge on the baby’s mother, but the final decision is up to you. RAW Paste Data

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