Free Swedish online dating: Pick a great free dating platform to find your real love!


Free Swedish online dating: Pick a great free dating platform to find your real love!

Free Swedish dating services that you should try

While lots of people all over the world are already aware of how convenient and effective online dating services are, some people are still new to it. Our population grows annually, so it’s no surprise that there are more single people who want to find love and relationships every year - so new services are created all the time. Some of them allow people to meet singles and find potential partners locally: it’s useful for those people who are interested in romantic adventures and short-term relationships, and also for those who aren’t going to move somewhere else just for their potential relationships. Other services are international, so they allow users to search for partners living in other countries - and that’s why lots of people are interested in trying Swedish dating sites for free.

Of course, not every online dating platform is completely free: services require money to continue their businesses, so when users don’t have to pay for the services, then dating platforms manage to get money somewhere else. Services sell advertisement or even their users’ data to other companies that use it to make their ads more attractive to potential clients. Also, many paid services provide a free version that has limited functions or is temporary, so users can learn more about the platform and its advantages to decide whether they’re interested in buying it or not. Most Swedish dating sites that work for free are like that: you can use a bit of them for some period of time, but you’ll have to pay for more anyway.

It’s actually pretty useful: instead of paying for something you aren’t sure about, you can try different dating platforms and choose the best one - and that’s how you’ll know that you pay for something of high quality. It’s almost impossible to find an actually 100% free Swedish dating site: Swedes respect other people’s work and are used to paying for services they get, and what’s even more important - most Swedes can easily afford it. A completely free Swedish dating site has many chances to attract the wrong type of attention and audience: paid services repel lots of scammers and those users who have no serious intentions or goals to find a decent partner. Therefore, you can only use most Swedish dating sites for free temporarily - but it’s still better than nothing, right?

If you’re really into Swedish people and dream of dating one of them, then use one of the following platforms to make your dreams come true:

  • is an international service that is well-known in the US and also abroad, so it’s no surprise that Sweden also has its version. This service isn’t usually seen as a very “cool” or “modern” one, but it’s still extremely popular - especially among users over 30. The service has lots of reasons to stay popular for many years: it’s convenient, it has many effective functions, and it’s available too. Of course, the Swedish version is in Swedish, so use a translator to understand what’s going on there. The service has a limited free version, but the premium access require monthly payments - and they aren’t too small;
  • EliteSingles is also an international platform that is loved by many Swedes because of its dedication to high-quality dating and matching partners. If you want your future partner to be intelligent, educated, accomplished, and ambitious just as you are, then this platform is your choice. Though sometimes people may sound a bit too arrogant there, Swedes are well-known for being pretty modest and well-behaved, so you probably won’t meet a Swedish person online bragging about their wealth and influence. Of course, you have to match your potential partners, so make sure you have something to offer to them in return. Every dating platform that is dedicated to high-quality and elite dating isn’t free, so you can have a limited trial period before you’ll have to buy it or leave - so make the most of the service;
  • Motesplatsen is one of the most popular dating platforms in Sweden: it has lots of active users, many great reviews, and various useful functions that can make your online dating experience amazing. Unfortunately, the service’s popularity often attracts scammers, so be aware of catfishing and always remember about basic online safety rules. The service is also in Swedish, so make sure your translator works just right;
  • Happy Pancake has an English name, but it’s a 100% Swedish dating platform that is pretty popular nowadays. The service positions itself as a completely free one, so it’s no surprise why it collects so much information about you - just like always, be careful and don’t share anything way too personal with anyone. Happy Pancake is a pretty popular service among young and fashionable people, so you can use it to meet a young and fashionable partner online;
  • If you are lucky enough to visit Sweden on your own, then you can use Tinder: this service is popular all over the world, so it’s no surprise that Swedes are also interested in swiping left or right. Of course, this app only shows you singles around you, so it’s hard to use it for finding a Swedish partner while being not in Sweden;
  • is a time-tested and reliable online dating platform that has profiles of many Swedish singles looking for fun and serious long-term relationships. Many of these people have nothing against international dating, so create an account there and look through all the attractive singles - one of them can eventually become the love of your life!

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