Premium Commercial 12 Digits Basic Calculator (Black)


With its large screen, this calculator is made for convenient and comfortable everyday use. Spacious button sizes ensure that your fingers are much less likely to hit the wrong number, all while providing a satisfying sensation when typing. Built with a sturdy and premium plastic body, this desktop calculator is constructed with everyday use in mind. It is convenient, powerful, and long lasting. With the aid of its dual solar and battery power system, this calculator is fully powered in any lit environment. The battery comes included with the calculator, ensuring quick and easy access right away.

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GIANT CLEAR DISPLAY ​- Large 5 Inch and clear 12-digit display screen allows for easy readability and usage, relieving any strain on your eyes.
USEFUL FUNCTIONS ​- Grand Total/Markup/Memory Clear and Recall/Memory Add/Subtract Function keys help with basic and complex calculations.
LARGE EASY TO USE DESIGN ​- Large buttons and Easy To Read Display make it simple and convenient to use, whether at home or the office.
EFFICIENT ENERGY SOURCE ​- Dual solar energy and battery power sources give this product a long-lasting battery life, so you never have to worry about running out of power. Also has Auto Power-Off. The calculator will turn itself off after about 6 minutes of being idle.
HIGHLY DURABLE ​- Well built and durable plastic keys allow for constant use without any wear and tear, giving you the feel of quality.

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Premium Commericial 12 Digits Basic Calculator (Black)

7.5 X 5.9 X 1.5