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 EZScan 320 - 1200 DPI Portable WiFi Auto-Feed Scanner

1200 DPI Portable WiFi Auto-Feed Scanner

Model: EZScan 320


1. How do I use or get started with the EZScan 320?

2. Is the Adesso EzScan 320 Mac compatible?


 1. Plug in the scanner into your computer into a DIRECT USB PORT (Hubs or extenders will not work) - you should see a computer icon on the screen after you power up the scanner with the power button. 

2. You will see this tool bar
Inline image 1
Click on the SCAN & OCR selection all the way to the right.
You will then get this Window where you will click "Start Scanning " in the Upper right corner-
Inline image 2
Push the scan button on your scanner or simply feed the paper through and it should pull up an image- 
Inline image 3
You can then save the image from this point wherever you would like on your computer. 
For the Business Card portion you would open the BCR direct- select NEW CARD > SCAN IMAGE and feed your card of image through. 
On the bottom left you will see a "SAVE" button. After the Business Card information is typed in, select the "SAVE" button and it will save it within the software. 
Inline image 4
For standard documents I recommend the SCAN & OCR button since you can save anything you scan wherever you would like on your PC
Inline image 5

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 The EZScan 320 is a plug n play scanner which means there is not a driver required to use it on your Mac and will function when plugged in however, it does NOT come with Mac compatible software. To use it on your Mac you would need an SD card inserted. You can then plug in the scanner and save your scanned documents to the SD card. You can also use your Mac to retrieve what has been scanned on your SD card and save batteries since you are plugged in. 

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