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Adesso CyberTablet Z8 6

Adesso CyberTablet Z8 6" x 4.5" Ultra-Slim Graphic Tablet

Model: CyberTablet Z8



1. What to do if the tablet has no response?


1. What to do if the tablet has no response?

When your Tablet is not working for any reason, please double check if you are able to move the mouse cursor with the stylus.

If not, simply follow the steps below to make some basic checks:

a) Check that the pen battery has power.

b) Check that if the LED is flashing when the tablet is connected to your PC.

c) Check that if the LED is on when the pen hovers on the tablet.

d) Check that if the LED is off when the pen touches the tablet and write on it.

If the above items are correct, but the tablet still does not work, please follow these instructions to install the latest version driver:

a) Disconnect the tablet

b) You must remove the previous version of driver or driver for other tablets first

c) Install latest version driver on the top of this page

d) After the new driver has been installed, reconnect the tablet.

e) Restart your computer.

If the device still doesn't work properly, then it could be a defective item.


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